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What is Stencil AOI inspection machine?

AOI LSMO® Series

AOI stands for automated optical inspection machine.
AOI LSMO was designed developed specifically for PCB stencil.
Improve inline PCB assembly quality by reducing screen printing rework rate to 70%.
Sold 150+ units world-wide to become No.1 sales stencil auto inspection machine.

Stencil Automated Inspection machine

LSMO AOI is the most reliable PCB stencil inspection as it covers close to 100% of aperture pattern type even when it come to irregular shape or extra tiny fine pitch design. LSMO is competent for inspection job from PCBA to wafer level. It can be able to detect micro burrs and foreign objects blocked in aperture with size as small as 10 micro meters. LSMO high productivity and reliability allow end-users to robust on QC for incoming new stencil and used stencil after ultrasonic cleaning to ensure consistent solder print quality. Together with our own developed gerber design software application it can also be a powerful tool to help stencil makers to optimize aperture size and position for both laser cutting and etching process.


Camera & Lense

5Mega Pixel Vision Camera

Equipped with precision industrial 5Mega pixel Camera with resolution of 6.4μm per pixel. With self-developed algorithm the finest resolution can be as small as below 1.0μm per pixel.  Optical lens is from well known European telescope maker. Optical system periodical calibration can be easily conducted with optional calibration tool – E-formed stencil with certified dimension of apertures.

Servo System

Servo motor system

Using ball screw mechanism and well known for accuracy reliability servo system to deliver actuator repeat-ability with comprehensive level – 10um. Linear mechanism system is available as optional model to bring up position accuracy to 3um,

Powerful Software

Powerful software

Sole-developed software has been updated with huge SMT Stencil design data base with continuous effort over 10 years from our software programming and development team. With periodically released patch able to tackle even rare to see pattern.

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