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AOI Solder Pallet Materials

Premium Solder Pallet

high temp solder pallet
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AOI Premium Solder Pallet material development was inspired by recently emerging material carbon fiber which has both physical and chemical advantage such as high tensile strength, high temperature tolerance and high chemical resistance while keep low thermal expansion rate in extreme environment.

We chose glass fiber fabric as base material for AOI Premium Solder Pallet instead of common choice of glass fiber mat. glass fiber fabric has very strong bonding structure compare to glass fiber mat and this physical property helps solder pallet material withstand temperature higher than 300 Celsius degree and stop liquefied solder sipping into the fiber micro-structure even after several thousands times of wave soldering repetition.

Fiber glass fiber combines with specially developed high temperature PI resin to form composite material which forming process completed in absolute vacuum chamber to reduce inner stress and out gassing during preperg cure. Thanks to its stable structure, AOI Premium Solder Pallet panel fabrication can be as thin as 1.5mm

Premium Solder Pallet

Characteristic & Application

  • Cloth fiber based resin epoxy composite material

  • High temperature resistance while keep excellent flatness

  • Lead free and ESD (electric static discharge) properties

  • Low electrical & heat conductivity and low heat expansion rate

  • Able to form ultra thin(1.5mm) carrier for semiconductor packaging

  • Re-flow soldering process for PCBA, F-PCB assembly

  • Wave soldering for PCBA pin hole assembly

  • Mass production line for both re-flow and wave soldering

  • Shield and protection components from static

  • Heat insulator for precision industry


AOI Ace Solder Pallet is one of the most widely used material. It usage in Asia is approximately 4tons a month while 5tons consumed per month worldwide.

At current PCB solder carrier pallet material market, glass fiber resin synthetic composite is adapted most commonly and extensively; from wave soldering and re-flow soldering for mass assembly production line to selective soldering for R&D prototype development project. It’s one of the most cost effective materials competent for majority of soldering job without compromising on lifespan and soldering quality. It can remain original shape of CNC cutting and good flatness and dimension after soldering repetition more than 30k times.

With continuous effort from our technical development team, AOI Ace Solder Pallet has gone through 3 generation revision upgrade in past one decade and now it become no better than a top grade of fiber glass resin composite material produced by “R” company in Germany. Stressing test conducted by SGS authority agency proved that Ace Solder Pallet material physical dimensional property has no change after exposed to heat ramp up to 300 Celsius degree.

Ace Solder Pallet

PCBA Solder Carrier
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