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AOI Power CAM Gerber Design Software

Auto gerber conversion

AOI “Power CAM” is dedicated computer integrated manufacture platform for SMT stencil design and electronic assembly manufacture. It can convert numerous types of different format files into Laser machine readable files effortlessly with semi-automated and full-automated function. It helps SMT stencil design personnel with analysis and calculate PCB design based on IPC standard with real time aspect ratio and area ratio calculation.
It also are able to check SMT Stencil dedicated process Rule and SMT Stencil Heat Balance analysis to improve productivity on design work meanwhile eliminate final electronic product premature failure caused by improper PCB design. AOI Power CAM app is also signed for CAD engineer of stencil maker whose daily job is to convert gerber data from EMS into machine friendly format.

Features & Advantage

  • Gerber/Dxf file import&export, editor function is compatible for most types of Gerber

  • Intelligent Modification Wizard and Shape Wizard increase productivity by 4times

  • Automatic modification based on knowledge library function to archive previous job data

  • None accuracy lost random shape draw to flash function to shorten laser machine working duration

  • One-click automatic random angle component modification apply to same component with different angle

  • Extract file format can be for majority of stencil laser machine LPKF, Tannlin etc

  • Reduce tedious modification job on the same type of components file conversion and warn on improper gerber design

  • Better data management for stencil house CAD engineering department and eliminate repeated job on similar file conversion

  • Reduce number of sectors on CAD file to shorten laser cutting time significantly

  • Suitable for the gerber file design with huge number of same components in different orientation such as LED lamp layout


One-click random angle component modification

Here is a sample of layout for thousands of same components with all different orientation.

It takes only 7~10mins to complete gerber file conversion with modification applied to each components from scratch. With conventional software such as CAM350 it requires one CAD engineer spend at least 3-4hours to finish job on the same project

All modification is checked with IPC standard automatically to ensure comply to process rule and avoid heat balance issue.

auto recognition for various angle
auto rule check

Heat balance analysis and components identification

This function to allow users to modify the components design followed by international standard process.

Power Cam warns on the components design which potentially cause heat balance problem or components incorrect orientation based on IPC standard.

It helps CAD engineer to figure out the connections of each component effortlessly and also eliminate misleading from look-alike components pattern