SUS304HTA Foil

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AOI SUS 304 H-TA Tesion Annealing

heat tension annealing

What is TA? TA stands for tension annealing and is a type of finish process for precision stainless steel spring foil fabrication in order to relief internal stress accumulated crystalized grain structure. It is one kind of heat treatment methods and commonly equivalent as stress relieve finish. SUS 304 is a grade austenitic stainless steel with JIS G4313 standard in Japan and similar as the ASTM A 682 standard. To achieve high tempered property for increasing durability and tensile strength, cold rolling process introduced meanwhile it brought inner stress to grain crystal structure. When expose steel at temperature 1010~1150 Celsius degree the grain structure re-crystalized and it helps relief stress caused by cold rolling physical pressing. TA finished SUS304 is ideal option for half etching since most of residual stress is eliminated by heat treatment.

Characteristic & Application

  • With highest hardness >370Hv in SUS304 grade steel

  • Fine grain size as small as 5 micron meters

  • Perfect flatness <0.5mm with size 400x400mm

  • Fine surface with roughness < 0.09 Ra

  • Laser cut stencil foil with smooth aperture wall

  • Suitable for both through hole full etching & half etching

  • Precision parts such as VCM A/F Spring, Fuel Cell Etc

  • Semiconductor probe frame, ball mask


Why need 304H-TA finish material for stencil?

PCB stencil and metal mask is a kind of tools for printing solder paste or UV ink on PCB copper pad. The most common choice of material for this template layer is nickel alloys and SUS(term of stainless steel in Japan). As the size of electronic components and PCB substrate become smaller and thinner the quality requirement for steel foils become extremely challenging. As more and more PCB design come with fine pitched BGA design with micro meter unit dimension since electronic devices such as smartphone, IOT, AI widely used both in our regular life and work environment. Stencil foil needs to be extremely flat even after through chemical half etching process or laser cut with high density aperture pattern. AOI 304H-TA series foils was specially developed to solve stainless steel inner stress caused curling issue which is prone to occur during chemical etching process especially on step stencil fabrication.

304 HTA Coil
304H-SR2 foil

Available form of material and size for SUS 304H-TA

AOI Vision offers complete range of thickness and flexible dimension for SUS 304H-TA material.

Thickness starts from 0.02mm till 0.50mm and rare gauge customization is also available with condition applied. To meet different facility requirement from various industries, AOI Vision provides re-rolling, slitting and cut to length service. You can choose materials in either sheet or coil form based on your operation suitability and convenience.

Lead time depends on the availability of stock at the point of inquiry or sales order whilst usually within 1 week for most of cases