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Premium Solder Carrier Pallet

Premium Solder carrier panel

AOI Premium Solder Pallet is lead free ESD(Electrostatic Discharge) materials comply all type of electronic manufacturing standard.

AOI Premium soldering pallet possesses excellent heat-resisting property. It’s competent to work consistently under extremely high temp environment-320℃ while maintaining absolutely stable physical properties.

It’s the ideal material for both wave soldering and reflow soldering, It has also been recognized for its long life span-more than 30k times use.
It has been through most strict and tough 2years’ continuous reliability testing and random sample testing by number of SMT lines, and been proven for its excellent consistency and durability.

Thermal Expansion Rate Comparison

AOI Premium Solder Pallet vs Other type of glass mat pallet

heat expansion rate

AOI Premium Solder Pallet heat expansion rate is 1/3 lower than other makers “glass mat” composite materials

The graph shows linear look-like trend for both premium solder pallet and other glass fiber mat composite material prior to temperature reached 250 Celsius degree. Glass fiber mat type material started showing much steeper increment shortly after the working environment temperature exceeded 250°C.

Heat expansion rate is determined by the selection of glass fiber and resin as well as preperg process. The lower heat expansion means higher stability in terms of dimensional shape and material flatness which is the most crucial for re-flow process.


Current Challenges in re-flow soldering

Re-flow and wave solder/soldering are the most common soldering process with highest throughput and cost effectiveness.

Re-flow is a soldering method for SMT technology in which solder paste temporarily holding electronic components on PCB pad during solder screen printing process and subsequently melts in a temperature controlled oven to permanently connect joint between PCB pad and individual electronic component contact point.
Re-flow pallets for PCBA and F-PCB are designed to be PCB carrier board during printing process as well as a vehicle for PCB throughout the entire re-flow soldering process. Therefore, re-flow soldering pallet material choice is very crucial for SMT soldering quality.
Good re-flow pallet material should possess high durability of working under not only extremely high temperature, but also withstand steeply ramping up of heat.
The trend of SMT re-flow requires fast time rise in preheat zone and higher peak temperature set points for time above re-flow/time above liquid (TAL) to achieve better throughput.
It means re-flow soldering pallet material face challenge of stiff temperature slope rate and intensively high temperature above 280 Celsius for more than 30 seconds which are very much prone for solder pallet materials’ delamination, warpage and deformation in extreme cases.
Thanks to glass fiber fabric strong bonding structure plus strict choice of premium high-temp resin, AOI Premium Solder Pallet material become the most versatile for all types of soldering process with the highest grade of standard.

glass fiber fabric structure