Ace Solder Pallet

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Ace Solder Carrier Pallet

PCBA wave soldering carrier

AOI Ace Pallet is well adapted to numerous R&D development projects with rapid change of revision and intensive testing condition without compromising on quality. Its versatile adaptability as can be made for any type of fixture for all type of soldering process helped huge number of EMS R&D department successfully developed improved design for PCBA and F-PCB. Ace Pallet withstands extreme working environment for short period to accomplish most of SMT reflow soldering and wave soldering process development and stressing test. It’s famous for common material for soldering carrier jig since it’s no less Quality but only at half price.

Characteristic & Application

  • Glass fiber based resin epoxy composite material

  • Maximum temperature at 360 °C for short temperature soak

  • Recommended working temperature is 240-260 °C as semi-permanent use

  • Low electrical & heat conductivity and low heat expansion rate

  • Good heat insulation and ESD (electric static discharge) properties

  • Re-flow soldering process for PCBA, F-PCB assembly

  • Wave soldering for PCBA pin hole assembly

  • R&D production line for both re-flow and wave soldering

  • Low water absorption and high chemical resistance

  • Suitable for thin PCB substrate


Current Challenges in Wave-flow soldering

IMT(Insert Mount Technology) is also known as PHT(plated through hole) in which components’ through hole pins go through hole on PCB pad and “Wave” form of liquid solder filled the gap of pin and hole. Based on experience, the most critical problem is hole-fill because of thick substrate, high density of copper pad distribution and over-sized components which will take away substantial amount of heat at the moment of contact between wave solder and PCB substrate. Those process challenge request wave soldering jig to be equipped with better heat insulation characteristic while keep absolute flatness through all wave solder contact.Thanks to excellent flatness light weight but high tensile and temper physical properties prevent deformation by external force.,  other than being good choice for soldering pallet material Ace Soldering Pallet is also widely used in assembly process in electronics and auto mobile as fixtures