Mesh and Frame

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Polyester Mesh

Material Thread Count / CM Mesh Count / Inch Thread Diameter Tensile Strenghth
100% Polyester 24T ~ 36T #61 ~ #90 100μm ~ 120μm 51N/cm² ~ 60N/cm²

Stencil Mesh

Mesh plays important role in structure of stencil as it will absorb and relieve the force from squeegee blade applied on stencil foil during solder paste printing by pressing down and moving forward and backward exercise. Not only relieve excessive tension on foil, mesh also need to retain certain level of tension of foil normally 50~60N to ensure foil flatness. Polyester is most widely used mesh for stencil while stainless steel mesh sometimes required for higher specification of tension.


Aluminium Frame

Stencil Frame

Stencil frame usually made from aluminum alloys such as grade 6001, 6061/6063 as aluminum is relevantly light and cheap plus good machinability and weldability.

AOI offered various size and stencil frame with high specification. Our patent slim frame / Low profile frame help to save on storage space and shipping cost by 77%.

Through the raw material can be found anywhere commonly, the extrusion profile and welding quality determine the flatness of frame which is also one of the most crucial specification for PCB stencil.

Frame Length Frame Width Extrusion Width Extrusion Height Extrusion Thickness
29″ 29″ 38~40mm 13~40mm 2~3.2mm
23″ 23″ 38~40mm 25mm 2mm
650mm 550mm 40mm 30mm 2mm
38~40mm 13~40mm 1.5~3.2mm